Mushii JET70 USD Currency Detector. Detects super dollars. No more fake USD. Detect 10 currency counterfeit banknotes

MUSHII JET70 Currency Discriminator (Compact Mixed Value Counter)
Widely used by Money Changers.
• Counterfeit Detection: USD,EUR,GBP,RMB,HKD,TWD,KRW,AED,SGD,MYR
(Software can be upgrade)
• Counts All Types Of Currency (Paper & Polymer notes)
• Display: LCD Display with Backlight
• Counting Speeds: Auto-feed , 250 notes/min (All Orientation)
• Hopper Capacity: 100 notes
• Stacker Capacity: 100 Notes
• Counterfeit Detection: (MG) Magnetism Sensors, (IR) Infrared Pattern, (UV) Ultraviolet, and Color.
• Bill Insert Direction: In All Direction, Face or Un-faced
• Counting Mode: Mixed Count, Sort Count and Pieces Count
• Power Supply: AC100V~240V 50/60Hz (Power Adaptor included DC12V/2.0A)
• Power Consumption: <20W
• Dimensions: H152 x W170 x D157 (mm)
• Net Weight: 1.6Kg
• Accurate, Fast and Reliable
• Simple Maintenance
• External Customer Display (Sell seperately)
• External Printer, Print receipt. (Sell seperately)
• Saves Time And Labor Costs
One Year Standard Warranty

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Mushii UV Money Detector (Desktop UV Light) Double Tubes. Super Bright


Mushii UVMoney Detector

• Durable and powerful UV Lamps enable to use under daylight.
• Counterfeit Detection: To check UltraViolet security printing on currencies, Water mark and etc.
• Detection: Ultraviolet Tube @ Double Tube
• Net Weight: 0.5 kg
• Power Supply: AC240V
• Check All Types Of Currency, Credit Card, IC, Passport, Travel Cheques & Security Documents.

Buy with confidence from Mushii Machines. Malaysia.                       +6014 886 8888   Save Time Save Cost!

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