Mushii Scorpion VC-S MYR Mixed Value Money Counter. Counts Total Amount. Detect fake Ringgit. (Upgrade Model 2020)

Mushii Scorpion VC-S (Upgrade Model 2020) Mixed Value Counter (Counts total amount and detect different value when counting)
• Count All Types Of Currency (Paper & Polymer notes)
• Counterfeit Detection: MYR (Detect Forgery Malaysia Ringgit)

• 3 Mode of Counting:

  1. Mixed Count (Count Mix Note = show total amount)
  2. Sort Count (Detect different value when counting = reject different denomination)
  3. Pieces count (Count how many pieces only)

• Detection Sensors: UV,MT, MG,IR (Optical inspection and use image processing technology to recognize bills and to discriminate denominations.)
• Counting Speeds: 1200 per minute
• Hopper Capacity: 200 notes • Stacker Capacity: 200 notes
• Batching Capacity: Pre-set 100 (1~999)
• External Display (Included)
• Weight: 7kg
• Power Supply: AC240V 50Hz
One Year Standard Warranty

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