Mushii NC1100 Currency Discriminator (5 Currency)


Mushii Marketing website money counter

 *Highest accuracy of counterfeit detection against Superdollars 

* Portable Counterfeit Discriminator

-Auto Feeding. 250 notes/min

-Saves Time and Labor Costs

-Reduces Losses Due to Human Error

– US Dollar (USD)
– Great British Pound (GBP)
– Euro (EUR)
– Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
– Chinese Renminbi (RMB)

NC1100 is capable to handle 1 ~ 5 currencies process, it is at your affordable cost, the perfect device for medium cash flow spots.

• Detection Sensors: Magnetic, Infrared Pattern, Ultraviolet, and Color.
• Display: Show error code when detected suspicious note.
• Hopper Capacity: approx 100 notes
• Stacker Capacity: approx  150 notes
• Max Note Size: 185 x 82 x 0.5 (mm)
• Counting Speed: 250 notes/min
• Bill Insert Direction: In All Direction, Face or Un-faced                                                 • Counting Mode: Count, Mix, Sort, Face, Orientation
• Available Currency: USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, CNY, TWD, GBP, ZAR, TRY, IRR, MXN, CRC, NIO, PEN, COP, SEK, PLN, DKK, and other specified currencies
• Mode: Value counting
• Dimension: Folded – 240 x 138 x 67 (mm),
Expanded – 428 x 138 x 110 (mm), (L x W x H)
• Net Weight: 1.1Kg without Battery Pack
1.2Kg with Battery Pack
• Power Supply: Switching Power Supply AC90~240V 50/60Hz.
Li-ion battery pack DC7.2V 2200mA.
• Power Consumption: <15W
• Approvals: Mode: CE / FCC / ROHS